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Gallery 23

Gallery 23

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Gallery 23 is a modern residential and commercial development in Fremont around the beautiful Lake Galleria. Located on the SE corner of HWY 275 and HWY 30, there is shopping, paths, and quick access to other Fremont amenities.

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Local Area

There are a lot of seasonal activities to take advantage of when you live in Fremont. During the summer months, residents take advantage of the Fremont Splash Station and the ever-popular Fremont lakes. The lakes is one of eastern Nebraska’s most popular recreation areas which boasts 40 acres of land and 300 acres of water.

Downtown Fremont is often called Eastern Nebraska’s Antique Capital with incredible stores and great finds!

Additionally, residents enjoy the Fontanelle Orchard, Harold and Leona’s Toy Museum, Sidner Ice Arena, Plaza Lanes, and Main Street 7 Theaters.


Elementary School
Middle School
Fremont & Johnson Crossing Academic Center
High School
Primary School
Early Childhood Development Center

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